Kingsport City Hall Relocation
Kingsport, Tennessee

67,000 SF

This project consists of the renovation of an existing 6-story financial building in the heart of downtown Kingsport, TN. This project involves consolidating many of the city’s functions that were spread throughout town under one roof. This involved design coordination with nearly 20 separate divisions within the city of Kingsport. 

This project is currently under construction, and is being carried out in two phases. The initial phase includes the renovation of the upper four floors, while the Bank tenant remained operational on the lower two levels. This phase also included the mechanical upgrades of two passenger elevators and a service elevator. United Elevator Services is the Elevator Subcontractor and has been responsible for the modernization work. The second phase of the work, which started demolition this week, includes the renovation of the lower two floors and additional site improvements to increase the functionality of the building, and to better serve its new intended use.