Meade Equipment
Kingsport, Tennessee

24,400 SF

This project consists of a new 24,000 SF facility dedicated to the sales and service of commercial construction equipment. The pre-engineered metal structure is enveloped with distinct variations of architectural metal cladding, separated by a custom fabricated horizontal band, finished in John Deere construction yellow.

The mill-finished aluminum entry portal is also adorned with the signature color in the form of an architectural canopy and illuminated building signage. The eight-bay service area includes two ten-ton bridge cranes, insulated sectional doors, and prismatic skylights.

The Meade Tractor corporate offices are also housed within the building, but function independent of the retail and service space. The 5,000 SF of office space includes a large training room, break areas, private offices, and open cubicle space.

The site provides ample room for equipment drop off and staging. A separate wash bay facility with on-site water filtration and reclamation at the rear of the property allows for cleaning and degreasing of equipment prior to servicing.